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How to Play Fantasy Cricket on Dream11 in 3 Fast Steps



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The ICC is back in full swing, and cricket fans are gearing up to watch live streams of the World T20 matches starting within the next month. As such, many are looking for ways to make predictions and win in fantasy cricket, which is a trend that usually hits up when the tournaments are about to begin.

In this article, we’ll show you how to play on Dream11 and provide some tips on how to win in fantasy cricket.


How to Play Dream11

While Dream11 is free to download, you’ll need funds in your account to play against others. The app makes it easy to deposit and remove money once you set up your payment details. Once you have a balance in your account, you can start playing Fantasy Cricket using the following steps.

  1. Select a match

    Firstly, look at the available match listings. You don’t need to aim for your favorite games, as you can play Fantasy Cricket with any of the selections. The list will contain real matches you can watch on your television or on a streaming app.

  2. Create your team

    Now, you can start selecting team members. Dream11 gives you the option to create several teams if you’d like to make a few predictions. However, you’ll pay for each selection, so make sure you have the right strategy.

  3. Join competitions

    Tips on How to Win Fantasy Cricket

    There are Dream11 contests you can join, giving you more chances at winning some money. You’ll need to become familiar with the competition rules so that you don’t forfeit your predictions. Each one has a different entry requirement, and you’ll need to make sure you have adequate funds to participate.

Tips on How to Win Fantasy Cricket

Now that you know how to play fantasy cricket on Dream11, it’s time to read some tips on how you can win. We have a few guidelines here below that you should pay attention to.

Player Performance

We all have favorite players in our cricket teams, be they batsmen or bowlers. However, just because they performed exceptionally well the previous season doesn’t mean they’ll repeat the performance. You should always keep an eye out on how well they are currently doing before adding players to your fantasy cricket team.

Weather Reports

The weather can have a detrimental effect on any match, but there are some cricket players that perform well in these conditions. For example, spinners are excellent for dry pitches, while you should take note of who is incredible at knocking the ball away in wet conditions.

Pitch Conditions

The same rule mentioned in the weather section applies to pitch conditions. If you know the stadiums well enough, you can easily tell when you need spinners or power hitters. There are also bowlers and batsmen that have a good track record for getting high scores in specific locations.

Selecting Captains

One of the most significant choices you’ll make is who your captain and vice-captain will be. The former gets 2 points while the latter receives 1.5. You’ll need the best performers for these positions if you want to be unbeatable, and it can make the difference between winning and losing.

Multiple Teams

If you want to improve your chances of winning in fantasy cricket, you should select multiple teams. Just because you lose one competition doesn’t mean you’ll lose the other one. Just don’t create conflicting teams where victory in the one results in a loss in the other.

Latest Updates

Another vital element is watching for the latest updates. If a team player is replaced due to an injury, it has a massive effect on your fantasy cricket selection. Ensure you have a news app like Cricbuzz that feeds you the latest news via notifications.

Take a chance on the fantasy field

Dream11 is an excellent opportunity for cricket fans who want to make predictions on a match for a chance to win some money. However, you should play responsibly and not make poor judgments. You’ll need to learn the game and watch how the seasons unfold, giving you a better idea of what choices to make. 

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